Kim and Thi's Excellent Cooking Adventures


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One day in my senior year, I decided to make gyoza on a whim. I was mostly doing low-carb, but I had a tiny amount of shrimp and ground pork in the fridge, and I just thought, “Gyoza. Yes.”. I don’t know, don’t ask me. Asian tendencies. Once I see that I have 2 or more ingredients in my fridge that can contribute to one dish (no matter how many more ingredients it needs) the idea kind of just locks up in my head and demands to be carried out.

This gyoza experience was pretty interesting because, 1) I had never made dumplings from scratch before, and 2) I was only making enough for one serving, like 5-6 of them. Most recipes assume you’re planning on making 20-30. I must have used only a quarter cup of flour for the whole recipe. The little dough ball I prepared was the cutest thing ever. :3

Mostly got my recipe info from URB. Do you see a theme here? URB is awesome.



Breakfast Sausage and Paleo Pancakes

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This is homemade breakfast sausage, coconut flour paleo pancakes, and a bit of non-paleo syrup. 90% rule, alright?

I used the breakfast sausage recipe from URB:



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I love steak.

Here are pictures of a few steaks I cooked back when I was living in an apartment in La Jolla with friends. The kitchen was, to put it bluntly, fucking terrible. It had a very old electric stove, and only a few “burners” would work at a given time. When the burners actually worked, there were really only two settings for the range (it was supposed to have infinite options from low to high): Fucking HOT and getting hotter (how is this possible?), or a low simmer.

Like the range, the oven didn’t seem to too concerned with precise temperature controls. I have a feeling it had a standard error of +/- 50 degrees at any given time. The result: frustrated me and an indifferent kitchen, it was pretty much domestic absurdity. Not to mention I chose to use cheap pots and pans (the famed $2 Ikea pan and an ungodly blackened cookie sheet, for example). Luckily I found a way to adapt to less-than-ideal kitchen environments. Archaea of the cooking kingdom. Perhaps you will find me in hot springs one day.

Despite the setbacks in appliances and hardware, I had developed a pretty good steak protocol that was tailored to work in this kitchen. It was yielding medium-rare steaks consistently. It produced a perfectly satisfying brown crust. I started to laugh again. Life was good.

Click “more…” for medium-rare moneyshots and more steak rambling.