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Mini Apple Cider Donuts!

Posted in Uncategorized by kimandthi on July 4, 2011

Mini. Apple cider. DONUTS! What more could you want?

These were made for a Christmas potluck ages ago, and they’re quite perfect for the winter season. However, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be just as good right now in the summer!

Recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings, find it here!

Non-stick cooking spray is so appetizing, isn’t it? I used a 12-mini-donut pan that from Sur la Table. I poured the batter into a ziploc bag and snipped off one of the corners to “pipe” the mixture into the pan. I had to be careful not to fill them too high, or else I’d get mini half-muffin/half-donut things, which were still very tasty but I’d rather not encourage any donut identity confusion here.

Cooled donuts, after a dip in butter and cinnamon sugar. Notice the muffin/donut hybrid on the left. I had to eat that one…for quality control purposes.

Ready to be hauled off to the potluck!


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