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Paleo Meatballs (made with flax seeds)

Posted in Low Carb, Uncategorized by kimandthi on April 26, 2011

Here’s an easy dinner to make. By easy I mean, most of the work is simply done in the prepping and cutting; the rest is taken care of with time and heat (thanks, oven). The main stars of this dish are the Paleo meatballs. In an effort to reduce the carb count, ground flax was used instead of breadcrumbs as a binding agent. Did they turn out just as well as regular meatballs? Read ahead to find out!



Low Carb Cauliflower Crust for Pizza

Posted in Low Carb, Uncategorized by kimandthi on April 23, 2011

Hi! Another low carb recipe today, and a good one that could use up any leftover riced cauliflower. This crust is made up of mozzarella, eggs, cauliflower, and spices. I usually eyeball the amount of ingredients, and I’ve even gotten away with using just a half cup of mozzarella in a whole recipe when I don’t have a lot on hand. It tastes great, and it really can’t get any simpler. It may even be easier to prepare than regular pizza dough.